Democracy will prevail in Armenia


Today when couple of the “no to plunder” movement coordinators’ decided to relocate the protest against the electricity price hikes in Armenia, from Baghranyn St. to the Freedom Square, encountered fierce opposition from the people. Although couple of the coordinators eventually left Baghramyan St., and were followed by couple of hundred of protestors, to the Freedom Square, but majority of the people voted on the spot to stay and continue to occupy Baghramyan St. That decision was upheld by the pure form of democracy, which is exercising the will of the people and voting procedure.
Since 1988 Artcakh Movement and 1991 presidential elections in the newly independent Armenia, such form of democracy had not been practiced, nor was it allowed afterwards, but today the young and enlightened generation of Armenia, by striking down an unfavorable decision, whether correctly or otherwise, proved that the better future is ahead of us.


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