A nuclear treaty or balancing of the power in the Middle East



The much talked about nuclear treaty agreement which was reached between Iran and Western countries, was not only a treaty of anti nuclear proliferation, but it was also a push to balance the power in the Middle East. Amid all the reports disseminated around the world about the agreement, there was this minute unnoticed detail to too many. It was stated that Natanz enrichment plant will be upgraded with the latest technology and safety measures, while the Arak facility will become a center for physics and nuclear research. One cannot help but to ponder why Iraq’s nuclear plants were demolished by Israeli air raids, while Iran is not only allowed to continue its quest for the “weapon,” but it will also be assisted with the technology and know-how required to achieve it. In a region where Israel, India and Pakistan posses nuclear weapons, a powerful country with the second largest fossil fuel deposits in the world, like Iran, which is a measure to balance the power in the region and a barrier for Russian advances in the Caucasus, could not have been left to rely on second-hand weaponry, but it’s advances in every aspect had to controlled and watched over. The treaty will, for so many years to come, assure the above mentioned objective while reducing Turkey’s influence and equalizing the power between Iran and Israel.


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